Why does the world work this way? Why do humans behave as they do? Why are some things so hard or out of reach for some people? How can we make life better for everyone?

The answer, after much studying, turns out to be buried within the complex systems we as humans create for ourselves. Over time we’ve slowly, inadvertently, let some of our systems continue too long, constrain too much, and become too rigid. As a result, our systems can cause a lot of pain and suffering.

The solution I want to propose is a global collaborative effort to double-check and fine-tune our systems to enhance human health and well-being, rather than serving as a barrier to human thriving. Like the Scientific Method for medicine, we can use methodology to continually refine the systems we make to be more humane. We created them. We can certainly modify them to better suit our needs.

And if we collectively work to move things in the same direction, we can unlock the potential in all living humans while setting future humans up for success in a healthier world.


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Shreveport author event, plus a podcast interview

April 9, 2024

Thanks to the folks at Lola Magazine, I’ll be participating in this event coming up on Friday, April 12, from 5:30-7:30 at the Bossier Arts Council. You’ll be able to speak with over a dozen local authors and grab a signed copy of their ...

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Book Signing this weekend!

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I’m so excited to kick off my first in-person event to celebrate the publishing of the System Redesign Handbook! Saturday, March 2 The Agora Borealis 421 Lake Street in Shreveport 2:00 – 4:00 PM If you’ve already purchased a copy onl...

Every year gets harder, every year gets better

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Print copy arrives, Epub is approved

December 11, 2023

Over the weekend I received the official first copy of the book! On launch day last week I ordered the first copy, but until Sunday had not actually seen it in person. Very cool to see it in “real life” now! The EPUB or Kindle version wa...

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Now available in person at the Agora Borealis in downtown Shreveport! @theagoraborealis ...