Danielle joins the Allendale Strong podcast to talk about her recent trip to the Strong Towns national gathering in Charlotte

Today we talk to Danielle Richard about her time in Charlotte during the CNU conference and the Strong Towns 2023 National Gathering

Born and raised in rural northeast Louisiana, Danielle settled in the nearby, medium-sized city of Shreveport with her husband and Shreveport native, James. Together they own and operate Richard Creative, a design and marketing agency serving organizations in the area for over 15 years. Never content to settle for conventional wisdom, Danielle has spent a lifetime studying humans, how they behave, and imagining how we could change things to work better for everyone. Her philosophy, which she is expounding upon in her forthcoming book, can be summed up as “there are no bad people, just good people trapped in bad systems.” Titled Humane Era, the book will suggest the framework for a global collaborative effort to proofread and fine tune all human-made systems to achieve more humane outcomes for everyone. Be the first to learn when the book is available for purchase by signing up for email updates at HumaneEra.org.

View the presentation slides from the panel discussion here.